Silverton Yachts, being in business since 1969, has been acquired by Egg Harbor Yachts. For 43 years Silverton Yachts has brought countless hours of fun on the water to thousands of its owners. The 43 years of American tradition will continue with Dr. Ira Trocki’s purchase of Silverton Yachts. Dr. Trocki, presently the owner of the “The Egg Harbor Group,” which consists of Egg Harbor yachts, Davis yachts, Ovation, Predator and Topez yachts, building boats from 33’ to over 70’ long. Egg Harbor Yachts is a 66 year old company, one of America’s oldest and finest boat builders. By acquiring the Silverton yacht line, Egg Harbor Group will expand its entire line to the present Silverton Dealer network. On the west coast, Silverton West will continue to represent Silverton yachts as well as the entire Egg Harbor Group.

Chris Droz, of Silverton West says, “we are very proud to be affiliated with the Egg Harbor Group of Yachts and we’ll strive to continue in Egg Harbor’s proud traditions.

For additional information, contact Silverton West’s Yacht Broker: Chris Droz (619) 729-8373 or

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