Interesting Facts of San Diego

The Big Bay in Southern California

San Diego has so much to offer both tourists and natives in the form of entertainment, beauty, and even history. Below are some fun facts about San Diego that are sure to get you thinking and remind you of just how incredible this great city is!

  • The world’s oldest, still working ship, the “Star of India” built in 1863 has her home port in San Diego. She has completed 21 circumnavigations. You can watch her set sail in the San Diego Bay every November and check her out today at the Maritime Museum downtown San Diego!
  • Each year over 200 cruise ships berth in San Diego
  • Charles Lindbergh took off from San Diego in 1927, on the Spirit of St. Louis, headed for New York, and then non-stop to Paris and into history!
  • San Diego Bay covers roughly 8 square miles and contains about 300 million cubic yards of water!


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