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San Diego Humphrey’s Concerts

Humphrey's Concerts By the Bay Get ready for another summer of concerts by the bay at the beautiful Humphrey's Half Moon Inn and Suites! Located on Shelter Island in Point Loma (not too far from Oversea Insurance's office), Humphrey's will be hosting several fabulous and famous artists for summer 2013. If you are looking for [...]

Importance of Yacht Liability Insurance

Yacht Liability Insurance Are You Covered? Liability insurance protects you from claims from injuries or damages to third party persons or property. If you are found negligent in the unfortunate event of an accident, you could be held liable for damages done to property and to other people. If you have liability insurance, your insurance [...]

Yacht Insurance FAQ

Yacht Insurance FAQ Most people understand the importance of having insurance – to ensure that you are covered in the event of a loss. Homeowners and auto insurance policies are very common and several insurance companies have similar coverage. However, boat and yacht insurance coverage varies and has different requirements than what most people are used to with their homeowner’s or auto policy. That’s why we have come up with some helpful information to introduce you to Yacht andBoat Insurance. Please note that this list is intended to provide general information and not to provide or interpret the actual terms and conditions of any insurance policy. Each policy is different, so be sure to check your policy to determine what coverage you have or give us a call at Oversea Insurance Agency at 619.222.1111. […]

Licensed Yacht Captain

Qualifications to Become a Licensed Yacht Captain Have you ever thought about getting a yacht captain's license? Did you have second thoughts, thinking it might take a long time or maybe it just isn't for you? Think again! Getting your captain's license can be easier than you think! Sure you will have to put time [...]

ALLSEAS Yachts on Travel Channel

  ALL SEAS YACHTS on the Travel Channel Take a look at the video below featuring Allseas Yachts on the Travel Channel's Extreme Yachts! Want to view more Extreme Yachts Videos? Visit the Travel Channel at

Dock Your Yacht and Dine in San Diego

Dock and Dine CLICK HERE for more Dock and Dine Restaurants in San Diego! Have you every been enjoying a great time on your boat in the beautiful waters of the San Diego Bay and realized you and your passengers are getting very hungry? You think of a couple ideas like make those sandwiches again or [...]

Whale Watching Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of the Ocean This holiday season give the gift of the ocean with a whale watching gift certificate!   Offshore Blue Adventures wants to make sure you give a gift that will leave a lasting impression and cherished memories. Not only is whale watching an incredible and unique holiday gift, but you [...]

More Grant Money for San Diego Eco-Friendly Boaters

The Program The Port of San Diego is now offering more grant money  to boaters who choose to use eco-friendly hull paints. Currently, the port currently provides a cost offset to remove or strip the copper-based hull paint. Now, they are extending that incentive to include up to 75% of the cost for San Diego boaters to apply eco-friendly paint. There are two options are available for boat owners changing hull-paint types. The first option is for the boat owner to receive a cost offset to strip the pre-existing copper hull-paint and to apply a non-biocide hull paint. This option will cover 75% of the new eco-friendly paint application, but keep the paint-stripping cost at the current rate of $6.40 per square foot. […]

Waterproof iPhone for Boating

iPhone Life Jacket for Boaters iPhone 4/4S Life Jacket Have you ever been cruising on your boat and leaned over to take a picture of the beautiful sunset, when all of a sudden you hear a "drop" in the water? It only takes a moment to realize that you have just lost your iPhone to [...]

Join Oversea Insurance at the Dale Donnelly Golf Tournament

Dale Donnelly Memorial Golf Tournament Riverwalk Golf Club August 23, 2012Come participate in the 9th annual memorial golf tournament for Dale Donnelly and support Rady Children's Hospital. Don't miss this opportunity to partner with other regional and local businesses to raise funds for the Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Rady Children's Hopsital. You [...]