Qualifications to Become

a Licensed Yacht Captain

Have you ever thought about getting a yacht captain’s license? Did you have second thoughts, thinking it might take a long time or maybe it just isn’t for you?

Think again! Getting your captain’s license can be easier than you think! Sure you will have to put time into spending beautiful days out at sea, but the “day’s work” is probably a little more relaxed than you might think. Also, the perks of a captain’s license could be a benefit for your boat insurance. Insurance companies love to see boaters who have valid boating experience.

Take a couple of minutes right now to click on the link below and read more about obtaining a yacht captain’s license. You’ll learn fascinating facts and important requirements for a captain’s license. Who knows, a captain’s license could be the right path for you!

Please visit http://issuu.com/ob1giobbi/docs/captainlicense to find out if YOU are qualified to be licensed captain!