What to Know Before you Rent a Boat Slip

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Tips for Renting a Boat Dock

Boat dock or boat slips are as important as your boat. You need to make sure that you find a slip that suits the requirements of your boat. If you keep a few basic things in mind, you can simplify the task of choosing the right one.

Measure your boat

The boat slip you hire needs to accommodate your boat comfortably. So, you need to know the dimensions of your boat. Measure the draft, height and width of the vessel. Taking precise measurements is important so that you don’t end up hiring a dock where the water is too shallow.


If you want satisfactory returns from a boat dock rental, you need to ensure that it offers good facilities. For instance, you could check whether the slip has a supply of fresh water. Also check whether electrical hookups are available at the slip. If you plan to indulge in some adventure sports, you might want to ensure whether the dock offers liveaboard facility. You might want to see whether transients are allowed in the dock.

Besides, there are certain very basic aspects that you need to check for. These essentials include availability of fuel, boating supplies, Internet access and laundry.

Most importantly, you need to be sure that the security arrangements are thorough. Check the level of security available at the slip and ensure whether the arrangement functions round the clock. The dock should have adequate facilities to protect your boat in foul weather.

For good measure, you can also check about insurance availability to cover both manmade and artificial disasters.


The boat dock rental should be easily accessible from land as well as water. For example, if you have a big boat such as a sail boat, you might want a dock that is free of low fixed bridges.

Here again, you should know the exact height of your boat to be able to choose the right dock. Essentially, you must choose a dock that allows unrestricted access round the clock.

Make a choice between wet and dry docking

Wet docks are usually more expensive than dry docks. So, depending on your budget, you might want to make a choice between these two options. Convenience is another deciding factor. Wet docks are more convenient because when you stack your boat in a dry dock, you need to inform the dock rental company in advance so that they can bring your boat out of the dry storage facility.

Making the right choice ensures that your boat is safe and you have easy access whenever you require.

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