iPhone Life Jacket for Boaters

iPhone 4/4S Life Jacket

Have you ever been cruising on your boat and leaned over to take a picture of the beautiful sunset, when all of a sudden you hear a “drop” in the water? It only takes a moment to realize that you have just lost your iPhone to the ocean. Your heart sinks like your phone as your portable computer, life calendar, and  complete contact list slowly falls to rest on the ocean floor.

Mobile phones today are used for more than just making phone calls – they are used for EVERYTHING! So, of course a boater would bring their phone along for a cruise! However, out on the water you are not always paying attention to that small device hidden in your pocket – making the risk of losing it greater.

Luckily for us boaters,  the crew over at Lifeproof invented a life jacket for the iPhone! That’s right, the iPhone now has a case that is not only waterproof, but also allows it to float on the water! The life jacket comes in bright orange to make locating it easier and the grip is enhanced to make rescuing it simpler. It also comes with a verity of lanyards so you can chose just how you’d like to carry your iPhone.

There’s so much more these cases can do, so be sure to check out Lifeproof’s website at www.lifeproof.com!