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I really appreciate what you do. That was the finest customer service I have received in a very long time. You are a true professional and should be proud of what you do. I don’t mean to gush but I have had and see such a low standard I had to stop and say thanks.
My boat broker in Redondo Beach highly recommended that I call Oversea Insurance for marine coverage for the 43 foot power boat my wife and I had just purchased. Nicky was fast, professional and very courteous. We received five quotes the following day and Nicky recommended one particular company from the five quotes. In our case, the company she recommended happened to be the lowest quote. I would not hesitate to refer Oversea Insurance Agency to a friend or relative for their marine insurance needs
Don S.
These guys have been GREAT, and I would never think about leaving. They have been very helpful with us going to Mexico & making sure we are covered. They always answer the phone and are very professional.
Stephen Tagliareni
Scott Jarvie gave us very personal service. I felt like our plan was explained well. It gives us comfort knowing that there is an agent available 24/7. We love our yacht! We have a secure feeling with our boat insurance.
Wyatt T.
Scott & the gang at Oversea Insurance in San Diego made insuring my boat painless. Quick & cost effective. Also I was able to get insurance for Mexico through them which made it easy and I felt confidant knowing it was through Oversea.
Frank L.
Oversea insurance has helped me with marine insurance & boat insurance for Mexico on many different projects of mine & my friends. We move boats up & down the coast of California and they have always been helpful at finding the best insurance for Mexico & boating in California.
Steven S.
If your looking to save money on your boat or yacht insurance, give Oversea a call and get a free quote. They saved me $250 a year.
Captain Ron
Top recommendations for Oversea Insurance. They are truly an expert outfit to deal with. When insuring your boat or yacht, you really need an insurance broker with industry knowledge and experience with all types of vessels. Oversea’s been doing marine insurance for over 3 decades, in every ocean, from small boats to superyachts. They’ll fit you into the policy you need for the right coverage, in keeping with your boating requirements. They simply know boats and they know boaters and they have the right policies at the right prices.
I would like to take a moment to thank you for your help with my insurance claim. When I came down to my boat on July 4th and found the aft end under water, I had no idea how much damage was done. My intent, at the time, was just to clean things up and replace what was no longer working. And that would have been the wrong thing to do because I would have had problems with the boat for years. Because you had the foresight to send a surveyor and an electrician down to my boat to asses the damage, I was able to prevent a lot of problems that would have appeared later. I want to thank you for that. Both the surveyor and the electrician were very knowledgeable and showed me what needed to be repaired.
They surveyor was able to answer my questions. He was very helpful and didn’t make me feel as though I was imposing on his time. The electrician did a lot of work on the boat. He did it professionally and in a timely manner, so that I could still use the boat and not miss much of the fishing season. I also want to tell you how much I appreciate your knowledge of boating. Your recommendation to have a professional check out the bell housing when starters were off and being repaired could have solved a problem that would not appeared for many months, well after the insurance claim was closed.

Ace Insurance company and Mr. Burns, who handled my claim, worked with me and were very fair. In my travels, if I encounter anyone who needs boat insurance, I will definitely recommend you as the best insurance professional in San Diego. Thank you!

Ray Lusa