With Spring just around the corner, you might be considering taking your yacht on a trip to Mexico. Before you do so, however, make sure you have all the documents necessary in order to be permitted to enter foreign waters so you don’t run into any headaches along the way.

The Wenthur Law Group has provided the following:

In order to enter Mexico, you must have with you the following documents:


1. Original Certificate of Documentation. If you have not yet received your certificate, then you must obtain two things. First, an Original Travelling Letter from a documentation officer explaining that your registration is currently being processed. Secondly, you will need to have the original Bill of Sale.


2. Proof of Insurance


What if my vessel is owned by another entity such as an LLC or corporation?
If this is the case, you will need an additional two documents:


1. Obtain your Apostilled Certificate of Formation, your Articles of Organization, or your Articles of Incorporation. This is obtained from the Secretary of State for the state that your organization was originally established in.


** Click here to view current CA certificate processing times.
**Florida certificates can only be obtained by mail-in (7-15 business days) or by walk-in (expedited processing, 2-3 days).


2.You will also need a VUA (Vessel Usage Authorization). This is a NOTARIZED document that contains:

1. Identification of the vessel

2. How the vessel is owned

3. Who is authorized to operate this vessel in Mexico
Also, make sure there is no handwriting on the VUA other than the date and signature!

Don’t forget! Your name can only appear on ONE Temporary Importation Permit (MTIP) at a time. If you name is already on another MTIP, you will have to cancel that MTIP before applying for a new one.

Article was written by the Wenthur Law Group.

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